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If Tarzan of the Apes was the twentieth century's first super hero, then The Beasts of Tarzan ushered in very quickly the Super Group! What's better than Tarzan - why, Tarzan and a band of wonder working creatures forming his own private army. The X-Men, Justice League of America, Avengers - all have the same cultural DNA as The Beasts of Tarzan.

The Beasts of Tarzan picks up shortly after the end of The Return of Tarzan. Immediately we are plunged back into the machinations of Tarzan's nemesis, Nicholas Rokoff.

It is instructive to remember that in 1914, when the book was written, the Russian Revolution was three years in the future, and World War I was only months away. Nevertheless, the smell of discontent and injustice were palpable in Imperial Russia, and Ed's choice of a Russian as the antithesis of his all-American hero was deliberate. Ed was firmly on the side of capitalism - cut-throat and Darwinian. Mr. Burroughs comes down firmly on the side of "law of the jungle."