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Amazingly enough, Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote this novel 100 years ago! Imagine the world of 1911. Heavier than air flight had just barely become a reality (1903).

The old Wild West was still a living memory if not a reality. World War I was yet to happen. Radio broadcasts didn't yet exist, and Edgar Rice Burroughs had decided to try his hand at writing a novel.

The result was so speculative, so outlandish, so "fantastic" for its day, that Ed decided not to use his real name when submitting the manuscript to pulp fiction publishers. He was afraid he'd be branded a nut case.

Therefore, Ed used the pseudonym "Normal Bean" as the author of the work. Very quickly, that name was dropped, and Edgar Rice Burroughs's incredible writing career was launched with this, his first novel, A Princess of Mars.

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