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The second of Edís Inner World series, written in 1914-1915, Pellucidar takes up the dangling plot line left at the end of At the Earthís Core. Edís twentieth novel since his first in 1911 (A Princess of Mars), we see that by this time, the author was pouring prodigious efforts into this, for him, new enterprise.

Once again we meet David Innes and lovable Abner Perry as they strive to tame the Stone Age with Twentieth Century technology. We meet new tribes and races, new foes and some old familiars.

Written during the initial months of the First World War, Ed's writing gives us a fascinating perspective on the attitudes towards technology and weaponry of the time. The slaughters of twentieth century armaments meeting primitive warriors are accurately described - with more understanding than shown by most of the WWI high command.

100 years distance between us and Pellucidar makes for very interesting reading on the subjects of empire and the "responsibilities" of civilized people vs. those "not so civilized."

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