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In this 1920 novel, penned in 1914, Carthoris, son of John Carter and Dejah Thoris takes center stage - along with Thuvia of Ptarth, whom we met in The Gods of Mars.

Intrigue and frustrated desires stir the blood of the lewd Prince of Dusar into a convoluted kidnap of the Princess of Ptarth which points the finger of blame at the young Prince of Helium.

In the course of saving Thuvia from that famous fate worse than death, the two encounter enemies both real and imagined (yes!) - and one of Ed's most ingenious creations - the realists vs. the etherealists of Lothar.

Old friends and new play their parts in this strangely thought-provoking adventure, which proves that Ed was a true philosopher in his own right! Listen to the book and then riddle me this - is Kar Komak real or virtual?

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