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This is arguably the blockbuster novel of the 20th century! Forget Tolkien. Forget Rowling. This is the daddy of them all!

Only Ed's third novel, written and published in 1912, Tarzan very quickly became a national and then an international craze. It was syndicated and serialized in numerous national newspapers, and very early was a sought after property for Hollywood films.

It could indeed be argued that Tarzan is the first mass market superhero.

Over the years since its first publication, the text of this novel has unfortunately undergone some revisions. Most egregious was a censored version printed in 1966. Originally sanctioned to remove the more egregious racial stereotypes of the writing, the editor took far greater liberties with the text than that, "improving" Ed's "archaic" vocabulary and "fixing" his grammer and syntax.

Sad to say, that particular revision has become almost standard and can be found at Project Gutenberg and copied in many cheap knockoff reprints in the marketplace today!

We take pride that the version offered here is the unexpurgated, unabridged 1914 McClurg First Edition text. All the words that Ed wrote - and only the words that he wrote!