Praise for David Stifel’s readings of Edgar Rice Burroughs

“David is reading all of the public domain Barsoom books, under the collected title of “The Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs”, and in the process he’s become something of a Burroughs expert. I think you’ll be mightily impressed by the first audiobook because we sure were!Jesse Willis, admin at

“Your reading is ridiculously good and I'm very excited that you wrote to us - otherwise I might have missed you.  You've just vaulted into my top 5 which I'll be featuring in an upcoming blog article.” Dave Post, admin at

The Chessmen of Mars
“I spent 15 hours on a road trip with my 12 year old son last weekend. I put on your show and he hung on your every word each mile. iPhone be damned! Thank you for bringing magic to these classic stories with your performances.” David Casteel, listener
“I stumbled upon your site by accident but have been unable to stop listening to episode after episode, reliving the books that started me on a lifelong passion for Science Fiction and Fantasy novels from a young age.” John Smit, listener
Thuvia Maid of Mars
“I found your "Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs" about 2 weeks ago …I just wanted to thank you for creating these audio versions of the books. I've been listening to them all day every day while I work.”  Paul Cox, Illustrator and listener
“I just wanted to tell you that I am a huge fan. I listen every day on the ride to work. You do a great job with all the voices.” - Donovan Hunter, listener
“Keep 'em coming David, you really bring them to life!” Raymond Roux, listener
“My sons and I are really enjoying your Barsoom readings! My mom read them to me from her own copies she got in the 30s.” Leslie Stem, listener

The Gods of Mars

“Download it now, it is AWESOME!!!!” Robert Sexton, film director
“I’m totally enthralled.” Michael Thomas, listener
“David has a very mesmerizing and serene voice. I'm enjoying listening!” Susan Geary, listener
“Very good indeed!” David Solomons, listener

A Princess of Mars

“Just finished episode 1 and downloaded 2 & 3. I listen to a lot of audiobooks and honestly, your reading is right up there with the best of them - great stuff!" Raymond Roux, listener
“So, I have to tell you, I downloaded the first episode to listen to on my way to work, and I love it!  I need to download the rest now because I'm hooked!” Shaina Vorspan, listener
“He did an excellent job. Thanks to David, I now want to read books by Edgar Rice Burroughs.”  Sally Cocyla, listener
“I enjoyed your narration very much. I got so much into the story that I put the free ebooks of P of M as well as the rest of the trilogy onto my wife's ipad and read them straight through. I appreciate your turning me on to the books and I shall always think of you as ‘That Burroughs Guy’.  Good work.” Bart McCarthy, listener